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Synthetic Turf Cleaning



How Does It Work?

Synthetic turf cleaning service in a nutshell:

As your pet goes potty on your artificial turf on a daily basis, bacteria starts to build up. This is what makes your lawn smell like…well, like a pet potty. The soil underneath your infill is the perfect breeding ground for this bacteria. First we make sure to remove any debris from your turf with our power brush. Then we use our patented turf wand to inject our solution. We designed our wand to make sure we could get our formula deep enough to eliminate pet odor at it’s source. Urine Luck is a peroxide based formula made of all natural ingredients. Your pets and kids can walk and play on your turf right after service, no need for rinsing or drying time!

Synthetic turf cleaning service

What Is A Deep Clean And Flush?

We use a backpack blower, a power brush, and our patented turf wand to rejuvenate your turf. Your turf will look and smell great.

Synthetic turf cleaning service

How Does Monthly Maintenance Work?

Attach a bottle of Urine Luck synthetic turf cleaner directly to any standard garden hose and apply generously and evenly. Each bottle covers 500 square feet of turf. Spray every 20-30 days.


why is professional Turf Cleaning Important?

Canine Health

Urine Luck synthetic turf cleaner is antimicrobial and antibacterial, which means it kills 99.9% of all germs and viruses. Our solution also eliminates parvovirus and canine distemper. Our turf cleaning solution can also reduce the risk of UTI's in older dogs.

Removes Built Up Bacteria

With your initial deep clean and flush service, we are able to sanitize your artificial grass, your infill, and even the soil underneath. This "resets" the bacteria in your yard so that you can easily maintain a fresh, odor-free artificial lawn.

Non-Pathogenic Formula

We have a specially formulated solution for pet odor that uses pre-digested enzymes that evaporate when they come into contact with bacteria. Pre-digested enzymes are stronger and more resistant to extreme temperatures. Non-pathogenic means our enzymes evaporate on contact with bacteria.

Benefits Of Using PET Solutions

Urine Luck Synthetic Turf Cleaning Solution

When we were formulating Urine Luck, we knew we had to achieve one result: remove pet odor and bacteria completely with a solution safe enough that you, your kids and your pets can run and play on your turf directly after service. 

Synthetic turf cleaning service
Synthetic turf cleaning service

“We just had our turf and landscape rock treated and they did a phenomenal job! Scott went above and beyond and explained the process step by step. This is a service I highly recommend to everyone who has artificial turf, you will not be disappointed with the quality of work Pet Solutions provides.”

-Cynthia A.

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How Do You Keep Your Artificial Lawn Smelling Great All Year ?

Enhance The Health of Your Pets and Home

Urine bacteria and fecal bacteria build-up in your yard can cause serious health problems in pets and humans alike. Did you know it can take up to a full year for fecal matter to break down, and even then some of the bacteria still lingers in the soil? Now imagine your dog, or cat, or kid running around on all that bacteria, and then running into your home to continue the spread of harmful bacteria unchecked, on your floors, carpets and furniture. Nobody needs that, which is why we created Pet Solutions. 

We wanted to create a formula that would be safe and effective at cleaning and sanitizing artificial grass, real grass, stone pavers, concrete patios, xeriscape lawns and tile.  So we did just that! But more importantly we made it safe for people and pets. Our peroxide based formula is so safe that your pets and kids can use your yard immediately after service, no need for rinsing or drying!