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How Do I Get The Smell Out Of My Synthetic Turf?

How Does Pricing Work?

We wanted to make turf cleaning as ordering a pizza. We have 3 brackets:
0-500 sqft. is $300.
501-1,000 sqft. is $500.
1,001-1,500 sqft is $700
No upcharge, no hidden fees. This is a full service initial deep clean and flush. Recommended every 6-8 months when combined with our self service maintenance.

Is It Safe For Pets And Kids?

It is absolutely safe for kids and pets. We created our process with the understanding that dogs will usually lick their paws when they come in from playing in the yard. There are no artificial fragrances or ingredients in our product. Your dog can walk on your artificial turf right after service.

Are There Any Health Benefits For My Dog?

Yes, and in more ways than one! Our sanitizing process kills Parvo Virus and Canine Distemper, and our citronella infused products deter ticks and fleas. Also, having your yard sanitized regularly reduces the risk of recurring UTI's, especially in older dogs.

What Do I Do After My Initial Visit?

Urine Luck Synthetic Turf Cleaner is the solution we invented to answer the rising demand for synthetic turf cleaning services in the valley. You can go right to our online store and purchase bottles that attach right to your hose. Spray once every 21-30 days in between deep cleans.

How Does It Work?

Our process is specifically designed to inject our solution into the soil underneath your turf without disturbing your infill. Using only electrically powered yard tools to keep emissions to a minimum, we start off with a power broom and a backpack blower to free all the debris and dog hair from your turf. This allows our solution to be absorbed evenly and thoroughly. Then we use a specialized wand to apply our all natural solution to all areas that need service.

This is a picture of our Urine Luck Synthetic Turf Cleaner in action

How Does Your Solution Work?

We use an all natural, peroxide-based, turf cleaning solution. Our product is a qualified green product, which means we are pet, people and Earth friendly. Urine Luck is a non-pathogenic, antibacterial/antimicrobial solution to eliminate the odor at it's source. The bacteria from pet urine and feces that causes odor gets eaten by our solution, so you get the antibacterial results of peroxide and the lasting protection of temperature resistant enzymes.


How Do You Create An Effective Formula That's Safe For Pets And Families?

The very first thing we had to consider was, “What is the first thing dogs do when they come inside?”

Usually they hop on the couch and start licking their paws or legs. That’s why we used only all natural ingredients when we created Urine Luck. No synthetic fragrances or harmful VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compounds). We never use bleach or chlorine products.

Let’s talk about outdoor enzymatic treatments. Most of them are pathogenic, which means they can be tracked inside your home or on your furniture. Most products on the market come in bacteria form. This means they have to eat another bacteria before they can become an enzyme.

This is where PET Solutions’ synthetic turf cleaning system is different. We use only non-pathogenic, pre-digested enzymes. Non-pathogenic means our enzymes evaporate on contact with bacteria, so they can’t be tracked around. Pre-digested enzymes are already fully formed which makes them highly resistant to temperatures and dilution.

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