Synthetic Turf Cleaning Supplies

Synthetic Turf Cleaning As Easy As:

1. Order Or Subscribe

Make a one-time order or subscribe to our bottle service right here on this page.

2. Attach And Spray

Attach Urine Luck to your garden hose and spray it on your synthetic turf. For first time use, apply one bottle for every 250 square feet. 

3. Repeat

Spray once every 20-30 days, depending on traffic. For maintenance, apply one bottle to every 500 square feet of turf.

Easy To Use:

Just attach to your hose and spray your turf, landscape rocks, pavers, patio, even kids' play equipment. Urine Luck Synthetic Turf Cleaner is 100% all natural, safe for kids and pets, Earth friendly, and it kills 99.9% of all germs and viruses.

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Stronger, Safer, Odor Fighting Enzymes

If you read the label on most products, it will say, “billions of bacterial enzyme colonies”. This means they have not developed into an enzyme yet. Our pre-digested enzymatic formula is unaffected by extreme temperatures and they hit the ground ready to eliminate odor.

What Is A Non-Pathogenic Formula?

Unlike most products on the market, Urine Luck Synthetic Turf Cleaner is non-pathogenic, which means it cannot be transferred from pets to skin or into your lungs. As an Earth friendly, all natural product, there are no V.O.C.’s in our ingredients.


Synthetic Turf Cleaning Tips And Tricks

From turf/infill identification to tips, tricks, and best practices our YouTube channel is a great resource for your synthetic turf cleaning questions.

PET Solutions Synthetic Turf Cleaners YouTube Channel

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synthetic turf cleaners, artificial grass cleaners